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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Create Sea Anemones using Hair and Fur by Luca Broglio

This tutorial is dedicated to the use of hair & fur in 3ds max, a modifier that grows hair and fur over any object. Usually hair & fur is used to generate hair: in tufts, sparse, curly, long, short, braids, etc. ... but rarely used for other purposes. This short tutorial will show you how to create and animate sea anemones in a few clicks. - Luca Broglio

IOC Film: All together now +making of....

Final result

IOC ¦ All together now from fxandmat on Vimeo.

Making Of

IOC ¦ All together now making of from fxandmat on Vimeo.

IOC film
IOC ¦ All together now making of (extended pictures and workflow)

Making of Ornaments - Jan Kristian Vollmer

Cool tutorial for Max and Vray by Jan Kristian Vollmer
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