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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ocean Water Effect

In this presentation, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to create this ocean scene in Adobe After Effects with only the tools found in AE

Ocean Water Effect presentation by Aharon Rabinowitz from AENY on Vimeo.

cool tutorial for shapes in AftreFX

Model a natural environment in 3D Studio Max 2010

In this tutorial we'll take a look on how we can model
a natural environment with mountain, rocks and river,
just using the "Displace" modifier, some simple primitives
and some procedural maps nested in a precise way using the
Composite map. The lighting/shading workflow will be covered
in the right tutorial section and will be release this month.

Grass in PaintFX - Maya

Video Tutorial: Advanced Tracking in After Effects using Mocha

Video Tutorial: Advanced Tracking in After Effects using Mocha
In this 10 min video tutorial learn how to do an advanced tracking in Adobe After Effects using the plugin Mocha. This tutorial will explain where the inbuilt AE plugin failed to track

afterFX tutorials sites

Particle Flow and FumeFX blog

i've found this:
it's very comprehensive site regarding particle flow, FumeFX and blender fluids.
worth checking...

MachStudio Pro - Realtime 3D graphics on your desktop

Real-time interactive workflow and rendering has always been the holy grail of the CGI industry. But crossing this boundary has proven elusive even to those with the highest-end multi processor environments .... Until now.

showcase videos can be viewed at:

Shaderlight - real time render engine for max

Shaderlight is the pioneering rendering technology that will revolutionise the way 3D artists and designers work. A physically based, progressive ray-tracing technology, Shaderlight redefines traditional rendering workflows, giving artists the creative freedom to change every detail, right up to deadline.

Wayne's Vector Displacement

Written by Wayne Robson this shader is aimed specifically at Mudbox vector displacement maps and is very easy to both install and use. please see the video (and help file enclosed with the download) for more information on both vector displacement and installing and using both the Maya and the 3D Max version.

This shader currently supports OpenEXR World and Object Space Mudbox Vector Displacement maps. This shader will work on any mental ray or max / maya material (in max in the MR slots)

Pixels by patrick Jean - Invasion pixels : geek tetris pacman and spider invasion !


Round 6 is a short 3D animated film created by Snowball Studios.
For more information visit the Round 6 website:

For in depth information visit the Round 6 development blog:

For more about Snowball, visit our website:

BIG CATCH - short movie

BIG CATCH MOVIE from Moles Merlo on Vimeo.

Cool LG commercial

LG LED LCD Monitor W86L Series Global AD from Raka on Vimeo.

New blog created

so i've decided to create a blog, it'll contain all sort of interesting things regarding CG i've came across the web, things I find worth watching.

that's it for now

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