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Friday, June 4, 2010

creating a youtube links with time referance and HD

in order to create a link to a youtube video that will start playing at a specific time all you need to do is add "#t=" and the number of seconds into the clip.
for example, let's say I want to show someone a specific shot from my reel, let's say it's at 1:14.
so 1 minute + 14 seconds = 74 seconds.
my reel link is:

so the link should be

for HD links all you have to do is add "&hd=1" to the end of the link, assuming that it has a HD version. so my link should be now
(notice that the HD tag is coming before the the time reference, otherwise it won't work.)
happy linking!!

Pixel Bender : ft-UVPass shader for After Effects

This shader let you re-texture your rendering directly in After Effects. It use a UV pass as default input and a texture as second input. UV pass could be render from pretty much any 3d package.


DuIK - IK in AFX

DuIK tools are great set of tools for AFX, the main thing about them is the ability to create IK rig in AFX,
here are 2 vimeos that show how to work with the IK tool

DuDuf site
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