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Friday, April 23, 2010

BonesPro4 for max from digimation

"BonesPro is a sophisticated, fast and optimized technology for organic skinning of characters and objects in Autodesk 3ds Max. It allows you to create high quality skin meshes rapidly with easy-to-understand bone influences and vertex assignments, impressive real-time skin-deformations and special-effects." -

looks interesting... i would be happy to spend less time skinning rigs....need to be checked...

RandomControl - Arion render engine

yet another close to real time renderer, it would be nice to see a comperison between all the new render engines...

"At RandomControl we're resolute to pioneer the next step in light simulation. To this end we have taken all the expertise we have gathered in the making of our flagship product fryrender and worked on an entirely new technology designed to produce comparable output, but using every single computing device at your disposal. Arion makes use of our novel proprietary multi-CPU / multi-GPU / multi-IP interactive rendering technology."


ParticleFlow For Packshots

ParticleFlow For Packshots from evermotion on Vimeo.

very nice tutorial about using PFlow for still and packshots

download tutorial files

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